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Raissa Lumack
“Career Center has been a great partner in career transition projects, and have worked with professionals from different areas of expertise, hierarchy levels, and with types of experience.
For us it has been a relief to know that our former associates are being guided carefully and diligently along their career paths, as if they were still at our company.”
Jorge Osman
“Career transition is a very important moment in one’s personal and professional life. It really is a great opportunity for change, reflection, and maturity. Having the support of Career Center at this time was key to a successful, mature, and, above all, happy transition.”
Antonio Santos
“Considering the business reality here in Brazil over this last decade, I believe that Career Center’s successful trajectory is proof of sustainability due to good management and overcoming challenges!

On my part, I wish to state for the record that I received excellent service in the counseling program that I contracted through the commercial director. The regular sessions fully met my professional expectations, and I have even recommended Career Center’s services to other members of my networking group!”

“The assessment process for career potential that we did with Career Center was excellent! They understood our needs from the beginning and designed a solution that was in line with our requirements. The methodology had the right combination of practicality, robustness, and technology. This, combined with extraordinary control of the process, contributed to impeccable execution.
The results were great: Individual reports that were in-depth, useful, and immediately applicable. But for me, what makes Career Center stand out is their courage to suggest and debate the career potential of the executives being evaluated. Many companies can apply tools, but few can do such in-depth evaluations, and fully explain and help validate career potential.”

“Career Center gets an A+!”

“Besides the technical and professional support they provided, including the continuous stimulus for making contacts and taking a critical view of my market, my experience with Career Center gave me a chance to spend time with professionals from various sectors. They were all on the same wavelength, creating a natural bond between the group and a group of supporters.”
Giselli Turini de Carvalho
“We chose Career Center to map our executives’ profiles because it is a company with a unique characteristic: it brings together its consultants’ expertise, teamwork, and flexibility to understand the client’s business, and offers high quality tools to meet the company’s needs.
Move São Paulo is completely satisfied with the results.”
Renata Carvalho
Career transition can be a very difficult time in anyone’s life, especially without self-awareness, good relationships, focus and organization. So it was a privilege to have had the experienced, intelligent, and dedicated professionals from Career Center at my side during that time. Besides getting a reassignment that perfectly fit my profile in the area I wanted, I learned a lesson I will never forget: the importance of constantly creating options and opportunities, and recognizing what is truly essential. Career Center showed me how to use the right tools to see this.”
Cleide Monteiro
“At first I thought that Career Center was just another consulting firm. But during my process, the team demonstrated unparalleled support. I learned techniques, exchanged experiences, and received guidance.
I eventually realized that there is a time for everything; if you fully dedicate yourself, your day will finally come. This concept helped me to rewrite my career.”
Antônio Padua
“When I decided to start my career transition project, I thought it would be a difficult and sensitive process.

I knew I would be more likely to succeed if I remained focused, dedicated and disciplined, and if I had the support of a partner who was qualified for this purpose. I fulfilled my responsibilities with praise and added another requisite: motivation, a lot of motivation. On the other side of the project, things could not have been better; Career Center fully met my expectations, with consistent methodology executed by a highly trained team. Most importantly, they created a human relationship based on technical values.

The result? SUCCESS. I am very thankful to have worked in partnership with Career Center; they believed in me and contributed so much to the success of my project.”

Sara Vurraru
“Career Center assisted me for 6 months in 2012. I had been at Itau bank for 26 years and was facing a life transition; at Career Center, I found support that was always highly professional and focused on my situation. They took charge of my search for a new position, assessing my competencies, reinforcing my strengths, organizing my priorities and contacts, preparing me for interviews and putting me in touch with head hunters and possibilities. They also offered consulting services if I wanted to start a new business of my own.

I was hired for a new position and I worked at the new company for some time. I continued sharing ideas with my consultant at Career Center even after my consulting period ended and to this day, we still keep in touch. Thanks to this support, I eventually realized it would be better to go ahead and move forward with my own ‘entrepreneurial’ project.

At Career Center I found professionals who were extremely sensitive to what was happening in my life, I recommend them without hesitation.F”

“My intention was to work in Rio de Janeiro again, for personal reasons, but I had lost hope and began looking elsewhere. Career Center gave me the support that was vital to help me find companies in this region and the recommendations I received were not only crucial, but they also added prestige.”
Bianca Martins
“We are pleased to be partners with Career Center since 2013 on assessment projects directly supporting our executive succession programs. The transparency of the negotiations is remarkable, as are the qualifications and professionalism of the selected consultants. We hope Career Center will be our long-term partner and continue to be part of our management coaching processes.”
Marcio Fernandes
“Personal and professional life, especially as a leader, can be difficult if your pride or lack of intelligence prevents you from asking for or even allowing yourself to use help from others. Recognizing that we do not really ‘own’ any reality can give us a huge competitive advantage, especially if we have the gift of support from a professional coach to guide us along the new paths that life offers each day, especially for people who take the lead in their own lives. For many years, Career Center has guided the best professionals at all levels of Elektro, and maximized our success! Thank you so much.”
Lady Moraes
“Working with Career Center means success. For four years we have been using the retirement and career transition preparation programs and we have had good results, especially in the area driven by the senior professionals. The delivery, consistency, and focus on our actual situation have been great advantages.”

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